Customized Local Parks Finder

From this page you can create a customized local parks finder map for your county or municipality. If you are in need of assistance creating a customized local parks finder link, please contact

To download an instructional PDF, please click here.

Before you begin, make sure that all of your community’s parks are listed on the Explore PA Local Parks website.

The local parks finder at Explore PA Local Parks enables a user to search and view the location of parks all across the state. With the information below you can create a custom link that pre-sorts the map to start off centered on your geographic area featuring park locations of your county or municipality.

Using this tool, you can integrate the custom local parks finder link directly to your website and create a quick and easy way for people to find and view your local parks. We encourage you to create a custom link and promote this resource on your website homepage and/or a special promotional page. We’ve even provided various graphics and sample text that you can use to link people to your custom local parks search.


Creating your custom link can be done in a few short minutes with some careful alterations of an existing URL. Custom links can be created one of two ways: by county OR by municipality

  1. Create custom map by municipality:

Below are examples of how the link would work for Upper Allen Township in Cumberland County or Hampden Township in Cumberland County.




For one word municipalities (e.g. Hampden Township)

See option A for example. After “Muni=” replace your municipality with where “Hampden” currently exists (just name, do not use Twp. or any other suffix), then after “County=” replace “Cumberland” with the county your municipality resides in (just name, do not include word “county”. For example “County=Cumberland” NOT “County=CumberlandCounty).

For two word municipalities (e.g. Upper Allen Township)

See option B for example. Same direction as one word option above however use “%20” for the space between the two words, as shown above in example B with “Upper%20Allen”.

  1. Create custom map by county:

Below is an example of what this would look like for Cumberland County


To customize the county link, type the name of your county immediately following the “=” at the end of the link replacing “Cumberland” with your county name (just name, do not include word “county”. For example “County=Cumberland” NOT “County=CumberlandCounty).


To download available graphics that can be uploaded to your site and used as a button for your customized local parks finder link, CLICK HERE (zip).

There is a selection of file sizes and scenery options to best fit your needs.


Feel free to use the link and graphics as you see fit or copy right from us! The text below is a sample template of a way to describe the customized local parks finder on your site.

Being well, having fun, and strengthening our communities are some of the ways that local parks and recreation enhance the lives of all Pennsylvanians. It’s good for you. It’s good for all. We welcome you to click the Find Local Parks button [or insert your customized link here] and start finding some good of your own right here in [insert county or municipality here].