Good Air Episode #1: Why kids need nature-based education

Did you know that Pennsylvania has more than 300 native bee species? Did you know that Pennsylvania has trees that have been growing since before William Penn ever crossed the Atlantic? If you think these things are worth teaching our kids (and maybe even yourself), you’ll love our conversation about nature-based education with Chris Kemmerer, Education and Interpretation Section Chief at the Pennsylvania Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, and Camila Rivera-Tinsley, Director of Education and Director of the Frick Environmental Center for the Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy.

Nature-based education is so much more than you thought it was. It unlocks powerful intuitive and self-directed learning opportunities touching everything from science to art and literature, for students from every background. Visit a Pennsylvania park and you can find a prairie, mountains, rivers, forests, lakes, beaches, and more—and many parks have educational staffers waiting for the phone call about what you, your kids, or your students would like to learn, not to mention a great roster of public events. On GOOD AIR, Chris and Camila share an insider’s view about what’s next for nature education in our state, and how you can join in.

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