A young child wearing swim goggles and a swim cap treading water in a pool.

Outdoor Aquatics At Your Local Park

There’s nothing quite like taking a dip in a cool outdoor pool during a sweltering summer day. Pennsylvanians can attest to that fact. Our summers are known to be especially humid so having access to a community pool is much appreciated. 

While community pools provide us with a wonderful way to stay cool and socialize with our neighbors, they’re also incredibly beneficial in other ways, too. And a lot of those benefits are due in large part to the outdoor aquatics courses and activities offered by our local parks and recreation teams! 

Below, we’ll highlight some of the best outdoor aquatics courses and activities that can be found at many local PA parks! 

Swimming Lessons

Perhaps the most valuable resource offered by our local parks’ outdoor aquatics programs is swimming lessons. Covering all levels from beginner to advanced, these lessons help reduce risks at our local pools by teaching children, teens and adults how to swim. 

In addition to instructing child and adult students on proper swim skills, breathing and stroke techniques, swim lessons also cover many basic water safety concerns. Since a trip to the community pool is a new experience for many community members (especially children), it’s important to ensure that they are well-versed in pool etiquette and safety, too. 

With these lessons, community members not only learn an essential life skill, they’re also better prepared to enjoy their outdoor community pools to the fullest all summer long! 

Lap Swimming 

Swimming is not only a great way to cool off on hot days and have fun with friends. It’s also a great workout, too! By swimming laps in a pool, adults can participate in a low-impact cardiovascular workout that  improves heart and lung functions, burns calories, and strengthens muscles. 

During the summer, many outdoor aquatics programs include lap time in their daily schedules. These especially reserved times allow community members the opportunity to get a great workout without the distractions of the other aquatic activities that happen throughout the day. 

Doggie Dips 

Humans aren’t the only ones who need relief from high temperatures during. Dogs could use a dip in the pool, too!

One of the newer aquatics programs being offered by select parks, doggie dips are special events that allow dog owners to bring their pooches to the pool. For a small fee, well-behaved and vaccinated canines can doggie paddle their tails off and socialize with their pals. 

Open Swim

It’s no surprise that most folks favorite outdoor aquatics program is the one that’s most relaxing: open swim. These are the specially designated times of day when adults and children can use the pool purely for recreation. It’s the perfect opportunity to take a leisurely swim, play a game with friends, practice your breaststroke and backfloat, or simply sit poolside and chat with neighbors.   

Outdoor aquatics programs are just one of the many benefits of your local parks and recreation facilities. Though they differ from park to park, we’re sure you’ll find a course or activity that suits you this summer. 

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