Man kayaking in a river

Uncommon Springtime Fun In Your Local Park!

The trees are budding, flowers are blooming, and the temps are climbing: All the signs that tell us that springtime is here! You’ve been cooped up all winter long and now you want to get outside and make the most of this special season by doing something different. Local PA parks are just the place to partake in outdoor springtime activities that go beyond picnics, kite flying, and games of catch. Whether you’re in the mood for some outdoor fun that gets you moving or an outdoor activity that’s a bit more relaxed, let us help you find the uncommon springtime fun that’s best for you!


The kayaking craze went into overdrive last year – so much so that there were waitlists for kayak purchases due to the demand. When social distancing regulations went into effect, the interest in solitary activities (beyond jogging and biking) increased rapidly. Kayaking quickly reached the top of that activities list – and it’s easy to see why. Kayaking gets you outdoors, doubles as a low-impact exercise, and treats you to the sights and sounds of nature. Now that kayaks are back in stock, this spring is the perfect time to enjoy this popular outdoor activity in your local Pennsylvania parks!


A combination of balancing exercise, moving mediation, and outdoor fun, slacklining is fast becoming a favorite warm-weather activity for many. If you are unfamiliar with slacklining, it’s similar to the concert of tightrope walking except that it involves stringing a nylon rope between two trees at a much lower height. Originally created by mountain climbers looking to strengthen their leg muscles and improve their balance, slacklining is also popular with yoga enthusiasts, cross trainers, and anyone looking for something different to do in their free time. Many local parks are allowing slacklining with specific regulations to protect the property and not cause any disruptions to bystanders. Be sure to check with your local officials to make sure slacklining is allowed in your favorite PA park.

Outdoor Elliptical Biking

Are you a fan of hitting the bike trails in local parks but want more of a challenge? Then you may want to take your bike game to the next level with an outdoor elliptical bike. Pairing the style of a traditional bike with the exercise elements of an elliptical machine, these stand-up outdoor bikes are perfect for adding an aerobic workout component to your bike trail expeditions! Full disclosure – you’ll probably turn heads in your local because not everyone has seen an outdoor elliptical bike in action!


If you’re looking for a less vigorous, more tech-savvy outdoor activity this spring, geocaching may be more your speed. A new spin on a classic scavenger hunt, geocaching is an outdoor game that involves the use of a GPS-enabled device like a smartphone to navigate a specific set of coordinates to successfully discover a hidden container (geocache) that holds a prize. Although primarily played in cities, geocaching has caught on in local parks due to the many unique hiding places they offer. Grab your phone and get ready for a modern-day treasure hunt!

These are just a few of the many uncommon springtime activities that you can enjoy in your favorite PA parks. Be sure to read all park guidelines before you perform any of these activities, just to be sure that they do not violate any park rules and regulations. Springtime will be over before you know it, so don’t delay – get outside and enjoy your warm-weather activities today!