A wooden bench in a snow-covered park

How People Can Enjoy Parks & Rec Facilities When It’s Cold

Enjoying Your Local Park in the Winter

Even when there’s snow on the ground and the temperature is low, there’s lots to enjoy at your local park. People tend to get outside less during the winter months, which can negatively affect our mental health and well-being. Humans need time outdoors to recharge and get the recommended dose of Vitamin D even when the mercury dips. Your local park offers a range of activities no matter the weather or season. Here are some ways you can enjoy outdoor activities during the winter at your local park.


While this one does require a decent amount of snow on the ground, what better way to enjoy the outdoors in winter than with some good ol’ fashioned sledding! Grab your sled and head to the closest park with hills to participate in one of the hallmarks of the winter season in Pennsylvania. Even a smallish hill will do when it comes to sledding!


If there’s enough snow on the ground, take the family out for a weekend adventure at one of the state’s many parks that feature snowshoeing trails. Typically you’d need your own gear for this beloved winter activity, but there are some private companies that rent snowshoes either near Pennsylvania’s parks or for use on their own land. As an example, Woodloch Resort in the Poconos offers snowshoe rentals.

Walking, Jogging or Running

As long as the ground is on the dryer side, you can still walk, jog, or run during the winter months. Make sure you’re outfitted properly for the weather and hit the paths or trails for some refreshing and heart-rate-increasing winter fun! You’ll be able to enjoy the fresh air and stay on track with your fitness goals even when it’s cold outside at your local parks.

Enjoy the Quiet

Oftentimes parks are less busy during the winter months which makes it a perfect time for you to take advantage of the peace. Simply listening to the sounds of winter and taking in the serene scenery while you’re all bundled up sipping a warm beverage can be a perfect winter activity at your local park. Find the next sunny day and head out to claim your spot on a park bench to breathe in the crisp winter air and appreciate your community greenspace like you don’t usually see it. Even being in the sun during cold days can help with Seasonal Affective Disorder, which many people in the Northeast suffer from.

Supporting your local parks and recreation facilities year-round is beneficial to you and your community. For more information on how you can support your local parks to ensure they’re maintained, explore our website.