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WELCOME. Pennsylvania’s urban parks and recreation systems are vital community assets providing essential municipal services to over 80 percent of the residents of the Commonwealth. People of all ages and walks of life enjoy parks and associated facilities for recreation, renewal and learning.
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GOOD FOR YOUR HEALTH: Our parks and recreation facilities and programs promote physical and mental health and wellness—for everyone. At least 84 percent of Pennsylvanians live in urban areas—cities, boroughs and inner-ring suburbs with over 10,000 people. And people don’t just live near urban parks and facilities, they regularly use them. In fact, 4 out of 5 Pennsylvanians (74 percent) surveyed in 2014 as part of the development of the Pennsylvania Conservation and Outdoor Recreation Plan (SCORP) believe that parks, trails and open spaces are essential components of our health care system. The number one cited benefit of local parks and outdoor recreation services is that they improve physical health and fitness, and the added benefits of reduced stress and improved mental health ranked third. Parks and recreation provide a refuge from our busy lives and a community “commons” connecting people to one another.

GOOD FOR OUR ECONOMY: A safe, attractive and well-maintained urban park and recreation system is critical to local economies and helps draw visitors. Parks help attract investment and relocation back to urban areas in an age where amenities and quality of life are increasingly important factors to people at every stage of life. Parks preserve and teach us about our history and legacies. Our parks— our most democratic spaces—provide critical places for civic engagement, gathering, and recreating. And Pennsylvania’s population is increasingly diverse, making parks and open spaces even more important to the vibrancy of our communities. Parks and recreation facilities and programs offer affordable recreation and learning opportunities for all. By investing in the maintenance and improvement of our extensive urban parks and recreation facilities, municipalities are providing essential services: 7 out of 10 recreation enthusiasts surveyed in the SCORP believe that recreation services should be a core function of state and local governments. And well-maintained parks and trails can significantly, positively impact real estate values, help spur additional development, and in turn result in increased tax revenues.

GOOD FOR THE ENVIRONMENT: Local parks, trails and greenways play vital roles in conserving landscapes and open space, which in turn help keep our air clean, our water protected, and our cities sustainable. People are able to connect to nature in their own neighborhoods. Parks are playing an increasingly intrinsic role in storm water management and flood control. Parks and associated green spaces also help to protect sources of clean drinking water. And healthy ecosystems matter to Pennsylvanians. A whopping 90 percent of 2014 Pennsylvania Resident Online Survey respondents listed trails, natural areas and waterways category (out of 10 choices) as what they value most in a community.

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City Parks a Smart Investment for America (PDF)
The City Parks Alliance released a set of new infographic illustrating city parks are a smart investment for America’s health, economy, and environment.

NEWS & Resources:

NYTimes: In Chicago and Philadelphia, the Difference a Park Makes – 3/12/2017

OUR PARKS AND RECREATION FACILITIES NEED YOU: While our urban parks and recreation facilities provide these essential services and add enormous value to the economic, social and physical well-being of Pennsylvanians, many urban parks are aging. Older cities and boroughs face deep challenges in keeping pace with the needs of the parks and the services they provide. Decreased budgets, staffing and hours mean that necessary maintenance and ongoing improvements are threatening our parks statewide.

The Urban Parks & Recreation Alliance is here to help.

Responding to the opportunity to build support for urban parks, the Pennsylvania Recreation and Park Society is building a diverse statewide coalition dedicated to good urban parks for all. Please add yourself, your municipality, your organization, or your business to the long list of supporters for urban parks. Together we will keep these parks good for you, and good for all.

Join the PA Urban Parks and Recreation Alliance of PRPS

  • Promote and help position urban parks and recreation as essential municipal services.
  • Educate your community about the many health, economic and quality of life benefits of your parks and recreation services.
  • Be an active voice for urban parks and recreation by strengthening partnerships and connections with them.
  • Support and strengthen local government and community investments in urban parks and recreation.
  • Help to grow state investments in urban parks and recreation.
  • Learn how urban recreation and related programming can be funded.
  • Share best practices and training opportunities through relevant networks.
  • Help the Pennsylvania Recreation and Park Society do more good work for you, which is good for all of us.

Urban Alliance Members

10,000 Friends of Pennsylvania


tel: (717) 234-6070

Allegheny Commons Initiative
web: tel: (412) 682-7275
Allegheny Community Center
web: tel: (814) 723-3237  
Allegheny County Health Department
web: tel: (412) 687-2243
Allentown Parks & Recreation
web: tel: (610) 437-7757
Berks Nature
web: tel: (610) 372-4992
web: tel: (412) 325-4334
Borough of Indiana
web: tel: (724) 465-6691
Borough of State College
web: tel: (814) 234-7100
Borough of West Chester
web: tel: (610) 692-7574
City of Easton
web: tel: (610) 250-6600
City of Pottsville
web: tel: (570) 622-1234
ClearWater Conservancy
web: tel: (814) 237-0400
Fairmount Park Conservancy
web: tel: (215) 988-9334
Friends of the Riverfront
web: tel: (412) 488-0212
Group Against Smog and Pollution
Web: Tel: (412) 924-0604
GTECH Strategies
Web: Tel: (412) 361-2099
Hilltop Alliance
Web: Tel: (412) 586-5807
Hollow Oak Land Trust
Web: Tel: (412) 264-5354
Lake Erie Region Conservancy
Web: Tel: (814)-566-9319
Lancaster Recreation Commission
Web: Tel: (717) 392-2115
Web: Tel: (412) 904 4733
Lawrenceville United
Web: Tel: (412) 802-7220
Lighten Up Lancaster County
Web: Tel: (717) 544-3878
Mount Washington Community Development Corporation
Web: Tel: (412) 481-3220
Natural Lands Trust PA
Web: Tel: (610) 353-5587
CleanWays of Allegheny County, Inc.
Web: Tel: (412) 381-1301
PA Route 6 Alliance
Web: Tel: (814) 435-7706
Penn State Center Pittsburgh
Web: Tel: (412) 263-1000
Pennsylvania Department of Conservation & Natural Resources
Web: Tel: (570) 385-7800
Pennsylvania Municipal League
Web: Tel: (717) 236-9469
Pennsylvania Recreation and Park Society
Web: Tel: (814) 234-4272
Philadelphia Freedom Valley YMCA
Web: Tel: (215) 735-5800
Philadelphia Parks & Recreation
Web: Tel: (215) 683-3600
Pittsburgh Parks Conservancy
Web: Tel: (412) 682-7275
Reading Recreation Commission
Web: Tel: (610) 655-6201
Rider Park First Community Foundation Partnership
Web: Tel: (570) 321-1500
South West Pittsburgh Community Development Corporation
Web: Tel: (412) 498-9017
Student Conservation Association
Web: Tel: (412) 325-1851
Sustainable Pittsburgh
Web: Tel: (412) 258-6642
The Conservation Fund
Web: Tel: (717) 230-8166
Toole Recreation Planning
Tel: (267) 261-7989
Tree Pittsburgh
Web: Tel: (412) 781-TREE (8733)
Venture Outdoors
Web: Tel: (412) 255-0564
Wallace Roberts & Todd, LLC
Web: Tel: (215) 732-5215
Wildlands Conservancy
Web: Tel: (610) 965-4397
YMCA of Greater Pittsburgh, Collegiate
Web: Tel: (412) 648-7960

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